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Commemorate your engagement with a romantic engagement session. An engagement session is an intimate photo shoot to show your commitment to one another. This is the perfect opportunity to capture a unique time in your relationship. It is also a brilliant way for you and your photographer to get to know each other ahead of the big day.

Many of us feel uncomfortable in front of the camera until we have had some practice. We may believe that we are not especially photogenic or have a “good” and “bad” side, however, this is rarely the case. During an engagement session, you will gain the confidence to relax in front of the camera and the assurance that your wedding photos will go without a hitch. Having the chance to work with your photographer ahead of time allows you to get a feel for their work and for the angles that you prefer. It also allows you to be more comfortable working with them.

Many couples also use the images from their engagement session as the perfect addition to their wedding photography, including for their 'Save the Date' and 'Thank You' cards. Photos from an engagement session can also be used as a great way to announce an engagement and bring affectionate memories for years to come.

An engagement shoot is a wonderful way to capture your individual personalities, and a chance for you to get some professional photos of you both in casual clothing and a setting of your choosing. Whether it is a park or a beautiful cityscape, you can choose what is best for you. No two couples are the same and an engagement session allows us to celebrate your uniqueness and get a rare, unfiltered glimpse into the love you have for one another.

We are delighted to have helped many couples build the hype for their big day with an engagement session and would love to do the same for you. We are dedicated to building personal relationships and providing cinematic photos to your taste. We have over a decade of professional wedding experience and a 100% satisfaction rate. To find out more about booking an engagement session, please contact us to discuss your preferences and availability. See our portfolio below.

Free Wedding Media Guide

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to find a photographer and/or videographer to shoot your wedding? We’ve put together a free 13 page all-inclusive guide to help you on your journey of booking wedding media!


Included in this guide:

-Avoid these top 10 common mistakes

-Learn about different editing styles

-Benefits of doing an engagement session

-Everything you need to know before booking

-Choosing the right package

-Price related to quality and quantity

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