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One of our three experienced wedding photographers, Lindsay, is a true creative at heart. She studied photography in college and has been pursuing photography for nearly a decade. Her empathetic approach brings out the true beauty in people and her work is as romantic as it is real. Her compassionate touch instantly adds a sense of calm and tranquility to what otherwise can be a very stressful time.


Lindsay’s favorite part of photographing weddings is connecting with couples and becoming genuine friends before the day is over. She comes highly recommended and in a recent testimonial, a very happy couple, Hannah and Steven, praise her sensitive approach thoroughly;


"Our wedding photos are so beautiful! We really enjoyed working with Lindsay and Lexie. We would definitely recommend them to anyone!"


Lindsay’s empathetic nature stretches beyond photography and she also works as a therapist specializing in adolescents with eating disorders. Lindsay also loves film and graphic design where she further practices her creative eye outside of photography.


If you are interested in working with Lindsay, we highly recommend that you book an engagement session with her first to really get a feel for how you work together. An engagement session will really allow you to relax in front of the camera and provide you with the reassurance that the photography on your wedding day will go without a hitch. 

Lindsay is one of our three professional wedding photographers, alongside Jeremy and Tabatha. Each of our experienced wedding photographers have their own unique approaches and styles. To find out more about booking Lindsay, Jeremy, or Tabatha, please contact us to discuss your preferences, check our availability, and book your professional wedding photographer today.

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