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We currently have 3 experienced wedding photographers that shoot for Star Media. By viewing our photographer's galleries, you are viewing their pictures with Star Media's edits. You can request a specific photographer to see if they're available - but remember, you're requesting their style of photography; editing style will be the same across all of the photographers. All of our wedding photographers are based out of the Twin Cities but are willing to travel!


When it comes to planning your wedding, we know that there are a million different decisions you have to make. From the dress to the cake to the location, the list never ends. Although we can’t help you with many of these decisions, we can help you to make perhaps one of the most important of all – which wedding photographer is right for you.

Wedding photographs literally last a lifetime. Whether they are printed, framed or hung, the memories they hold will remain forever and allow you to relive one of the best days of your life, over and over again. Not only that, but you can share them with your loved ones and expect them to be passed them down for generations to come. 

Indeed, wedding photographs are not just about the day itself but about your love story and your epic journey through life together. That’s why, here at Star Media, we currently have a team of three experienced wedding photographers, each with their own unique approach, so that you can choose a wedding photographer that fits with who you are as a couple. 

Our three professional wedding photographers have many years of industry experience between them and each offer their own particular charm. We also have an in-house editor that does all of the post-processing. Our editor is highly versatile and can edit to numerous different styles to best showcase your wedding day to your taste. 

To help you make a decision, we advise that you check out each of our wedding photographer’s individual galleries. Jeremy, Tabatha and Lindsay are each experienced wedding photographers with unique approaches and styles. We also highly recommend that you book an engagement session with your choice of wedding photographer to really get a feel for them and how you can work together. 

We fully understand that there is a lot to consider before booking a wedding photographer so if you are unsure as to who is the right wedding photographer for you, please do contact us to discuss your requirements and book your professional wedding photographer today. 

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