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Your wedding photographs are keepsakes from your wedding that will literally last a lifetime. They are the memories that you will cherish forever and be able to relive over and over again. They are the moments that you will share with your friends and family and pass down through generations for years to come. Put simply, they are a big deal and should be treated as such.

At Star Media Weddings, we understand how integral wedding photography is to your wedding and just how crucial it is to get it right. That’s why, from helping you to choose the right wedding photographer to helping you to decide which editing style you would like, we offer a hand to assist you every step of the way.

We offer a range of wedding photography packages and have a team of three professional wedding photographers, each with their own unique approach, and our own highly skilled in-house editor.

Our three wedding photographers, Jeremy, Tabatha and Lindsay, are each seasoned professionals and have over with over a decade of experience between them. They each have their own individual photography styles but are all dedicated to creatively and candidly capturing your unique love story.

Our versatile in-house editor is adept at editing in a range of different styles and can perfect your wedding photography to the style of your choice. Our most common editing styles are Pink Sepia, Dark & Moody, and Teal & Pinks; plus we always include a few black and white photos. To view a sample of our exceptional team’s work and get inspired, take a look through our wedding photography portfolio.


We always suggest arranging an engagement session before your wedding for you to get some practice in and ensure that you have chosen the right wedding photographer for your big day. An engagement session is also a great opportunity to shoot some more casual portraits of you as a couple, many of which couples use feature the in their ‘Save the Date’ and ‘Wedding Invitation' cards.

We also offer portrait photography including anniversary shoots, maternity portraits and much more as we know that your wedding is really only the beginning of your very special love story. For a cohesive look across all wedding media, check out our wedding videography packages.



At Star Media, we understand that there is a lot to consider when choosing your wedding photographer and are here to support you every step of the way.

Our top priority is ensuring that you feel relaxed on your wedding day and that each special moment is to be treasured forever. We know that a vital part of making that happen is ensuring that you are working with the right professional wedding photographer. We have a dedicated concierge who is on hand to discuss your preferences and guide you towards choosing the right wedding photographer and package for your big day.

Our range of wedding packages include a full day package of at least 225 images, a half day package of at least 125 images, a wedding ceremony package of up 50 images, plus extra add-ons are available such as engagement sessions and additional hours.

To find out more about our wedding packages, wedding photographers, and availability, please contact us to chat to our dedicated concierge today.  


Full Day Plus

- 500+ touched up, high resolution images

- 40 creative edits

- 10 hours on-site

- Ceremony candids and photoshoot of wedding party

- Getting ready, reception, dinner

- Digital download

- Full access to printing rights

wedding dress hanging up beautiful

Full Day

- 400+ touched up, high resolution images

- 30 creative edits

- 8 hours on-site

- Ceremony candids and photoshoot of wedding party

- Getting ready, reception, dinner

- Digital download

- Full access to printing rights

Half Day

- Up to 125+ touched up, high resolution images

- Up to 10+ creative edits

- 4 hours on-site

- Ceremony candids and photoshoot of wedding party

- Getting ready OR reception, dinner

- Digital download

- Full access to printing rights

wedding party poses


- Engagement Session (2 hours in Greater Twin Cities area)

- Additional hours

- Additional creative edits

- Second shooter


At Star Media, we believe in having the right person for each job, rather than one person who does it all. That’s why we have chosen to have a highly skilled, professional in-house wedding photo editor who is specialized in wedding photography post-production and creating images to your taste.

The right editing can make the difference between breath-taking wedding photography and average wedding photography. Editing is one of the most important contributing factors to the finished result and it is essential to take it into consideration when deciding on the final look for your wedding photographs.

Our editor is adept at creating multiple different looks as we understand that one editing style does not suit all. To help you decide which style you prefer, we will send you a few examples of different editing styles so that you can choose your favorite style for your “creative edits.”

Indeed, depending on the wedding package you choose, we will give you a selection of creatively edited wedding photos and lightly touched up photos that look true to life.



We are dedicated wedding photographers and videographers based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We have over a decade of professional wedding photography experience and are very grateful to have worked with many couples and families throughout the midwest.

We love working within our local community and are extremely knowledgeable of the landscape. Our insider knowledge allows us to recommend settings that work beautifully for engagement sessions and weddings alike.

We also enjoy traveling and are more than happy to come to you. We have shot many weddings all over the midwest and have experience working in both rural and urban settings.

If you would like to go even further afield for your wedding, we also do destination weddings and we are delighted to offer special discount pricing!

To discuss our availability, please contact us to book a wedding photographer today!



Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we know that nobody likes to wait to see their wedding photos once the big day is over. That is why we are committed to delivering your wedding photographs in the fastest time possible whilst ensuring the top level of post-production.

For a full day package, we are committed to delivering your wedding photos no later than four weeks after the wedding day, a minimum of 225 lightly touched up, high resolution images and 20+ creative edits in an editing style of your choosing, all delivered digitally with full access to printing rights.

We upload all of your completed wedding photos to a Google Drive folder allowing you easy access where you can view and download them, as well as seamlessly share them with your friends and family.

If you have any questions regarding the delivery of your wedding photographs or would like to check our availability for your wedding day, please contact us to speak with our concierge.


Free Wedding Media Guide

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to find a photographer and/or videographer to shoot your wedding? We’ve put together a free 13 page all-inclusive guide to help you on your journey of booking wedding media!


Included in this guide:

-Avoid these top 10 common mistakes

-Learn about different editing styles

-Benefits of doing an engagement session

-Everything you need to know before booking

-Choosing the right package

-Price related to quality and quantity

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