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​There are many reasons you may want to get professional portraits done - maybe as a gift or to commemorate a special occasion. Photos taken by a professional portrait photographer bring these magical moments to life. Although time passes, the memories remain thanks to these pictures.

The beautiful thing about photos is that moments in time are paused for you to look back on forever, bringing back the emotions that were involved during that time in your life. We always encourage our wedding clients to keep in touch so we can continue to capture the important occasions they won't want to forget. Among these highlights include birthdays, newborn photos, family portraits, graduation, and other milestones. These events deserve to be captured and immortalized so they can be relived and passed on for future generations to cherish.

Portrait Photography

Professional portraits are an art in their own right. Portraits go beyond just capturing a moment in time; they capture a personality, a mood, they tell a story. These are images that will testify to an era, a period of your life, a vital moment, perhaps of a success that you would like to mark. We'd love to help you create stunning engagement pictures, family photos, graduation pictures, professional headshots, holiday photos, and more. We deliver high-resolution photos that you can print and relive time and time again.

- 40+ touched up, high resolution images

- Creatively edited

- 2 hours

- Digital download

- Full access to printing rights

Couple getting married kisses outside

Package One

man spins girl in field

Package Two

- 20+ edited, high resolution images

- Creatively edited

- 1 hour

- Digital download

- Full access to printing rights

Why should you hire a professional portrait photographer?

In a time when everyone has a camera in their pocket and retouching apps are becoming more common, why hire a professional photographer? Being a professional means more than just the camera button and applying a filter. It requires a great deal of knowledge of in-depth techniques, experience, and professionalism.


Taking professional level photos requires a lot of practice, and taking portraits even more so. It is years of trial and error that allow portrait photographers to excel in what they do, delivering high-quality photos while also having the skill of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Going beyond just the technical skill of taking beautiful pictures, a seasoned professional knows how to make you laugh and have a good time. If you don't have a specific vision of what you're looking for, a professional will have a bunch of cute posing ideas and gorgeous locations to shoot at.

Professional Equipment

A professional portrait is not taken just with the camera; there are many other photo shoot equipment like multiple lighting tools, backup systems for files, camera lenses, filters, and many other gadgets are used to get the perfect portrait. A professional has the knowledge of when and how to use these tools in for every differing scenario.

Attention to detail

It is by diving into the details that you can easily differentiate portraits taken by an amateur photographer from a professional. A professional portrait photographer will pay special attention to posing you in the most flattering angles, ensuring good lighting and the absence of distracting shadows, and creating a stellar composition for a harmonious image. Nonprofessionals may not know all of the small tips and tricks that a seasoned professional has learned to look for over the years.


At Star Media Weddings, we believe in having the best person for each job. Our photographers excel in creating gorgeous portraits with the most flattering angles, lighting, and compositions and a separate editor whose focus is taking those images to the next level with editing. While applying a filter/preset is an easy way to change the mood of a photo, it doesn't work for every photo. Our editor is skilled in creating different styles to match the mood of the shoot while keeping in mind your preferences. A professional editor makes sure that each portrait is edited consistently and goes the extra mile to do things that a preset cannot (including enhancing specific features of your face and getting rid of distracting blemishes and other elements of the photo).

Our Portrait Photography Services

If you are looking to get portrait photographs with an artistic, natural and creative blend, then you've come to the right place!
Between our 3 professional portrait photographers, we are available to help capture and immortalize your best moments. We take engagement photos, family portraits, senior portraits, personal branding shots, professional headshots, maternity photos, graduation photos, and more!

Whether you're looking to get portraits done as a way to boost your confidence and feel beautiful, create a memory as a couple or family, or to commemorate a special occasion, contact us today to discuss your ideas an we will help bring your vision to life!

Free Wedding Media Guide

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to find a photographer and/or videographer to shoot your wedding? We’ve put together a free 13 page all-inclusive guide to help you on your journey of booking wedding media! Just click below to tell us where we should send your free guide.


Included in this guide:

-Avoid these top 10 common mistakes

-Learn about different editing styles

-Benefits of doing an engagement session

-Everything you need to know before booking

-Choosing the right package

-Price related to quality and quantity

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