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Unique First Look Wedding Photo Ideas

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Unique First Look Wedding Photo Ideas

Be it for pure comedy, or a tear-jerking moment – the first look is a must-have album shot for modern couples.

That first time they see you. That first time you see them. It’s a special moment, and one as wedding photographers in Minneapolis, we feel so blessed to capture! We get to see all of those raw emotions etched across our clients faces, and witness that pure nervous excitement as they greet each other for the first time that day. It’s magical. And while we were looking back through some of our past weddings, we realized that these were some of our favorite moments captured. And this inspired us to share some unique first look wedding photo ideas that we have loved & believe will look amazing on your big day!

Photographers dreaming up first look wedding photo ideas is not a brand-new trend, but it is one that remains contentious in the industry. Some believe in sticking with tradition, and having the couple see each other for the first time at the end of the aisle. They want to keep that moment sacred and shared with the whole wedding party. Whereas we on the other hand, do not fall into this category – we love the first look shots! For us, as wedding photographers & videographers in Minneapolis its such an easy way to create something uniquely special and cherishable. You’re away from the family, the friends and the pressures of the big day. You’re together, just enjoying each other and bathing in the excitement that seeing one another brings. Shooting this romantic moment is really important for us, as nine times out of ten of our newly-weds end up picking one of these shots as their favorite! It’s an ‘above the fireplace’ picture for sure!

Still on the fence about staging a first look moment on your wedding day? Well we’re guessing you are worried that your partner’s expression as you walk down the aisle will be less dramatic, as they’ve already seen you earlier. If so, don’t be! Not only will seeing each other before you tie the knot calm any pre-wedding nerves, but also there’s a big chance you’ll both be teary eyed all over again as you say the big “I Do’s”! So go for the best of both worlds and plan an insta-worthy first look wedding photo with our ideas!

First Look Weddings Ideas to Borrow for Your Big Day

The Non-First Look, Look

We’re kicking off with an unusual one, but one of the loveliest! If you’re desperate to still have the big reveal as you glide down the aisle, and a first look, then why not blindfold your partner! Less sinister than it sounds, in fact it's a beautiful, tactile, and sensual way to spend time with each other without actually ruining any of the surprise. Taking this approach will only serve to amp up your partner’s anticipation to actually see you as you at the ceremony.

The First Touch

Along the same lines as the blindfolded partner, this non-reveal is purely based on touch and can be done in any number of ways. A popular approach is to have the couple meet, but with a door or wall in-between them. They can excitedly speak and share how they are feeling about the day, but they cannot see each other. A sweet touch is to have the soon-to-be-wed’s hold hands or maybe backwards hug and read a note to each other, sharing a few (nearly) private words about how they feel on their special day.

Bring The Family Together

This is one that wedding videographers & photographers in Minneapolis love, because our families here are so important to us, and when couples bring them into their first look moment – it fills our hearts! Some guys like to keep the first look part of their big day just for them, a personal and private time away from the chaos a wedding can bring. However, others just want their family to share everything. If you’re one of those couples, why not leave one partner with the Dad’s and have the other partner surprise them with the Mom’s! You’ll create such a sweet, tear-jerking surprise for all the family with a first look idea like this!

The First Look With Mom and/or Dad

Are you a Daddy’s girl? Is Dad the one that has been blubbering all day with the thought of giving you away? Well maybe a first look family photo is a good idea for you! This is also perfect if you are both dead set on not seeing each other before you tie the knot. A first look with Mom or Dad works in very much the same way as a regular first look shot, and in our experience they are even more emotional!

A Creative First Look Moment

It’s your wedding day, so it’s time to pool your ideas together and get creative with your first look moment! Maybe you both hold a bunch of balloons, and on the count of three you both release them to reveal each other. Or maybe one partner waits upstairs while the other rides a lift to the top to meet them? That would be the most exciting door opening ever! Get creative together and plan something not even the endless wedding world of Pinterest could dream up!

A Link of Arms

One of our favorite wedding photographers & videographers in Minneapolis, Lindsay shared this one with us & we had to include it. It’s so simple, however it works so well because the couple are so close to seeing each other, but they are not allowed! To stage it yourself, both partners need to link arms but face in opposite directions, keeping their eyes straight ahead. As photographers, this type of shot is so exciting to shoot as two of us need to be working in tandem in order to capture all the emotion from both partners, at the same time. Add videographers in to the mix too, and you have an unforgettable big day moment to look back on!

The One With The First Look

A wedding is supposed to be a joyous affair filled with laughter right!? So why not spare the tears during your first look, and come up with some ideas that will make your partner giggle! You could dress up and surprise your partner with a funny costume, a T. rex maybe? Or if your partner is expecting you to be wearing a suit and tie, why not reveal yourself wearing a full length wedding dress and tiara! This may not be the classiest of first look wedding ideas, but if you’re the type of couple who loves to laugh with each other – then this is perfect for you!

We hope we have inspired your wedding journey with our first look ideas, and if you’re looking for wedding photographers or videographers in the Minneapolis area to shoot this special moment for you please do browse our photographers’ portfolios here. And if you have questions or queries about our service or availability, feel free to get in touch via our contact page.

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