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Why You Should Consider Hiring Videographers for Your Minneapolis Wedding

Traditionally, static photography was once a must-have big day booking, but nowadays, videographers are also becoming a vital cog in the wedding celebrations.

When planning a wedding, your friends and family who have already tied the knot will all try and give you their hard-earned advice – anecdotes, reasons for why you should book their amazing DJ, why you should do your own flowers, or how an open bar is just not necessary... Their opinions will differ wildly, and sometimes it can be perplexing working out quite who to believe. But ask your married Minneapolis friends about wedding videographers, and they’ll all give you the same response – totally worth it! Booking wedding videography may, for some reason, not be high on the average couples planning to-do list, but we’re here to tell you that it's well worth including in your big day budget.

As wedding videographers, and photographers in Minneapolis, we completely understand why couples deliberate over booking videography for their big day. Hiring a photographer, and a videographer can feel like an unjustifiable cost, especially when there are so many other vendors that need budget allocation. But after years of working with countless couples, documenting their many special moments in both photo, and video – we’re here to tell you that it’s an investment that needs serious consideration! And today we’re going to share why.

Why You Should Book Wedding Videographers for Your Big Day

An Investment in Memories

We’re starting off with a big one, and frankly, this may be the only reason you need to start looking for your perfect Minneapolis wedding videographers today!

Your wedding film is the biggest investment you can make in your big day. It is the one vendor you will book that can be enjoyed the most, and the longest after the wedding itself has finished. Wedding photography is a must, obviously, but it can’t compare to the audio and visual feast that professional wedding videography provides. And it’s not only yourself and your partner that can enjoy it, it’s your future family too. You may not have kids now, but one day you may, and imagine just how excited they will be to actually experience the sights and sounds of your big day on film. Photos are great, but video can put you in the room, and stir up the senses of the people who were there, and especially for those who weren’t. Which leads us neatly on to our next point.

Capture Moments For You, and Those Who Couldn’t Be There

It’s not always possible for everyone to attend your special day. Sometimes it’s just too far to travel for the older generation, or maybe your guests just can’t make it. Whatever the reason, by booking Minneapolis wedding videographers, you’re gifting your loved ones the opportunity to feel as though they were there after all. A professional wedding film will help your friends and family to actually experience all the excitement, joy and laughter that your big day brought. It may not be the same as being there, but right now, it’s the next best thing.

See the Things You Missed/Forgot On the Big Day

It would be impossible to be able to experience every little detail of your wedding, on the day. All the laughter during the speeches. The tears during the vows. And the reactions to those special moments you’d been planning for so long but can’t be in two places at once. With a wedding film, you’ll be able to look back, smile and appreciate seeing the things you would not have seen, if it wasn’t for your talented Minneapolis wedding videographers!

Appreciate the Moments that Photography Cannot Wholly Capture

There are some pretty big moments during your wedding that revolve around sound. Your vows, speeches, and the first dance are just some of the very special parts of a traditional big day that, of course, photography can capture, but not completely. Our skillful Minneapolis wedding photographers will be able to savor the reactions, and emotions felt during a moving speech for example, but it's videographers who can actually harness the whole scene. A professional videographer can freeze a moment in time, and give you the gift of revisitation whenever you choose. Imagine your anniversary 10 or 20 years from now, sitting down together and watching your vows, hearing your old friends speak just as they did, and laughing again at their carefully crafted jokes. And that’s without mentioning the music! The soundtrack to your big day deserves to be cherished, and (hopefully) enjoyed forever more.

Videography Captures the Natural, In-Between Moments

Modern wedding photographers in Minneapolis will of course capture not just the big moments, but also those little candid shots that really make an album. Videographers, however, can go one step further. Because there is no posing in videography, and therefore all of the movement, and emotions captured are completely natural.

This is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event

As we mentioned before, we understand the constraints of a wedding budget, we honestly do. But your wedding day can never be experienced again. Once that final champagne cork of the night has been popped, it’s all over, and all you’ll be left with is hazy memories. So why not revisit your budget and move things around. We’re not asking you to spend more, but maybe consider if some items can be removed, or changed. You and your guests will never remember that you had one less candelabra on every table, or that you used a wedding website instead of multiple posted invites to save on stationery costs. But you’ll all appreciate looking back on that special day, time and again, with your personal wedding film. It’s an investment that cannot be understated, and an heirloom that will be cherished far longer than any other big day booking.

We would love to be your Minneapolis wedding videographers

Our team of wedding videographers at Star Media Minneapolis are all highly experienced individuals, adept at seamlessly blending into your big day. They will guarantee to capture all the hilarious and touching moments you won’t want to miss, including the ceremony, speeches, and first dance, without getting in the way of your celebrations. Please take a moment to browse our video portfolio of past real weddings, and if you would like more specific information on our packages, please visit our videography page.

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