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Here at Star Media Weddings, our aim is to capture your unique love story as authentically as possible. We know that a huge part of making that possible is making sure that you are working with the right professional wedding photographer. The right photographer will allow you to relax on your big day and trust that each and every special moment is being captured in the most flattering and natural way.


To ensure that you get everything you want, we have a concierge who will walk you through our packages and tell you about our photographers, so that you can choose the right wedding photographer who aligns with your vision. Our three professional wedding photographers, Jeremy, Tabatha and Lindsay, each have unique approaches, however, they are all fantastic storytellers and are committed to capturing each second of your big day. You can view a sample of our wedding photography portfolio below to see a small selection of their work and to get a feel for each of their styles. If you would like to know which of our wedding photographers snapped each photo, simply click on the photo to enlarge it and their name will be displayed on the lower left-hand corner of the photo. To be further inspired by their beautiful work, we also recommend that you check out each of our wedding photographer’s individual galleries.


Jeremy, Tabatha and Lindsay are each experienced wedding photographers whom you can trust will seamlessly capture not only the dress, the vows, the flowers, the first dance, and more in a relaxed and natural way. We have a separate professional photo editor who is skilled in processing your photos in a look that you will love. When you view these photos, you are viewing each of our photographers picture-taking styles with one editor who handles all of the creative, post-processing.


To work with either Jeremy, Tabatha or Lindsay, please contact us to speak with our concierge who will help you choose the right wedding package and photographer for your special day!

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